First time in Finland

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It’s been half a year since I contacted Belgian mobility guru Joachim Hilderson with the aim of improving my mobility. He has been coaching me ever since and the results have been excellent – although the starting points were at least challenging. I have been so pleased with the co-operation and his coaching style that I wanted to pass on the good. That is why I asked Joachim to visit Finland – he didn’t hesitate to shake hands and in 6-7th of August 2022 Joachim will hold a two-day workshop in Seinäjoki at Crossfit 60100 . This is a diamond opportunity! Keep on reading.

The main themes of the workshop are sidesplits, middlesplits, bridge and compression exercises. In addition to these, we delve deeper into certain areas, such as the world of the shoulder and hip joints. Joachim provides powerful tools to make sensible progress from the grassroots to movements that require extreme mobility. The workshop goes through the selection, progression and programming of the movements and, most importantly, the reasons behind them. The workshop will greatly benefit both sports professionals and goal-oriented trainers. Everyone can participate in the workshop, regardless of entry level. If you want to build strong mobility and end-range strength for yourself or acquire new tools for customer work, this workshop is for you! Workshop will be held in english.

Time: 6-7.8.2022 Sat-Sun (9.00-16.00 both days)
Place: Crossfit 60100 , Yrittäjäntie 8, 60100 Seinäjoki (maps)
Price: 295€ (payments via invoice, paypal or mobilepay)
Further information and reservations:

If interested in participating email me your name, address and phonenumber and any questions you might have, especially if you’re coming from abroad. Or if you want to know more about the workshop in general, email me or ask Joachim directly on Instagram.

Who’s the man?

Joachim – also known as Jack Russo – is a Belgian top class mobility coach. He mostly offers online coaching but also holds workshops around the world – now for the first time in Finland. He likes to learn through practice and experience and for this reason is primarily a student himself and only secondly a coach. By following his instagram , this can be easily seen. Joachim became interested in mobility training at the age of about 30 and before that he has a extensive background in bodybuilding. This start of mobility training at a later age was quite a struggle for him and still is, but that’s what makes Joachim an excellent coach. For this same reason, he is also able to relate with his students’ struggles with mobility.

My own six-month journey under Joachims coaching has been really rewarding. The starting points were challenging but sensible progressivity in training has yielded significant results. Of course mobility is a long process and no miracles happen overnight, but the way he takes the movement gradually forward is really awesome. I will write more about my own development in the near future. You should take a look at Joachim’s instagram. That should give you a good view of ​​what the man is all about!


This is now the million dollar opportunity to take your knowledge of mobility to a whole new level – whether you resemble more of an iron rod or an individual with good mobility. I stress that the starting level or body type doesn’t matter at all. The most important thing is interest in the topic and the desire to develop.

So, if the workshop interests you shoot me an email. I will put your name on the list and tell you more detailed information. A limited number of participants will be admitted to the course, so be quick.

See you in Seinäjoki in August!

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