Welcome to the ”Outta Shape” blog

Great that you found your way to my blog. I am a 38-year-old father of four children who is well on his way to a better shape. In the blog, I’m writing about things mainly related to mobility and bodyweight training but also family life, barefoot running and intermittent fasting will be present often.

I’ve written this blog in Finnish for more than two years and now I’ll slowly start to translate those posts also in English. Also, every new article is coming in an English version. The reason I started to write this blog in the first place, was for my own motivation to overcome my bad conditioning. Over the years I had neglected my own well-being and got really out of shape. Now I’m not so out of shape anymore and this blog has evolved to be more than just my training diary. I’ve gained lots of knowledge in bodyweight- and mobility training and the view is not solely amateurish anymore.


Mental vacation

Man flu My training front has not been very glamorous lately. The hamstring/glute problem is still very annoyingly present, and as I wrote a couple of weeks ago, for this reason, switched my training regimen to more…

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Happy Mayday

Glada Vappen! I’ve taken it easy today, so no blogging. It has been nice just to relax with good food and drink. The weather has also been absolutely gorgeous. I’ll be back next week with a new…

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Mobility Training – What is it?

Winds of change I have lately praised a lot in my blog for mobility training. Even so much that I am excited to host a Workshop on the subject in August this year. Especially because of this, I have…

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Why are we getting fat?

Interesting metabolism I have recently studied human metabolism from many angles because I think it is an extremely interesting topic. Metabolism as a whole is a broad concept, and the subject can be studied in great depth and…

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Emfit QS – Tracking Recovery Made Easy

Recovery The older you get, the more attention on the recovery is required. And of course, also a larger amount of training requires careful monitoring of recovery. I wrote earlier that I use HRV measurement (finnish only) as a tool for…

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